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Technology has been the greatest facilitator of change in almost all sectors. Medical science is not an exception to that. The technological advancement replaced pen and paper, which we were used to seeing in doctor’s clinics, with a keyboard. Like many other digital tools, the age of e prescription software has begun. 

Since its inception, digital prescription has been one of the fastest adopted medical

techs. Doctors from all around the world are ditching paper prescriptions and resorting to electronic prescription solutions. If you are an India-based doctor looking to follow the same trend, here are some tips for you to select the best e prescription solution. 

What is an E Prescription Software?

Digital prescription software is a SaaS solution that accommodates the electronic creation of medical prescriptions. With e prescription software, medical practitioners can seamlessly share prescriptions and advice with a click of a mouse while keeping the same stored for future reference. 

Digital prescription has effectively proven itself as one of the most convenient, reliable and efficient ways of communication between physicians, pharmacists and patients. An unprecedented opportunity is presented through e-prescription to reduce the cost of healthcare while contributing to the environment. 

Benefits of Going Digital

Going digital in the prescribing method presents a handful of usability and convenience aspects. Some benefits of adopting digital prescription include: 

  • Reduced possibility of prescription loss with its larger cloud storage
  • Accessibility gets smoothened for both the patient and doctor
  • Errors related to drug delivery due to handwriting issues gets reduced
  • The medical history of the patient can easily be retrieved with a better expediency
  • Easier order verification at the pharmacies
  • Millions of trees are saved from chopping and converting into papers
  • Lastly and most importantly, cost-effectiveness in comparison with paper printing

Traits of a Good Digital Prescription Software

There’s no scarcity in e prescription service providers in India. A simple Google search can fetch you tens of options in this regard. However, what’s difficult is to segregate the good from the bad. Because all of them have used nice words and technical jargons while describing their software on their website. 

So how can you identify the best e prescription solution from the rest? Well, there are a few traits to look for while selecting a digital prescription service provider. Traits that are missing in the majority of software available in the market. Let’s explain.

#1 Patient Safety Features

Among the plethora of features, patient safety should be the focal point when judging digital prescribing software. All leading EHR software comes with a lifesaver feature known as automated adverse drug event alerts. 

As the software documents every prescribed drug for a patient, whenever the doctor prescribes any new medication, it instantly checks the side effects of new drugs with the existing ones. It also shows correct dosing information for patients so that no unwanted incidents happen due to the wrong intake of medicine.

#2 Medication Suggestion Support

Although our doctors are the best judge of any healthcare situation, good e prescription software can play the role of a sidekick. This software acts as an added layer of protection against the rare silly mistakes of doctors. 

For example, if you’re a doctor typing prescription and you somehow made a typo, advanced digital prescribing platforms can automatically identify it and correct it in no time. Thanks to the nationwide implementation of digital prescribing methods, the US saw a sharp decline in prescription errors. 

#3 Integration with EMR System

The efficiency of digital prescription software depends on its integration with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. In this connected world, the med-tech tools should ideally be connected with each other, providing necessary information at vital nodes. 

That means autonomous e-prescribing software is not as useful as a full package of connected modules. If you’re in charge of a clinic that serves several patients a day, you need a customised solution that takes care of all backend processes. 

These are the three must-have features for any efficient e-prescribing platform. SoftClinic GenX, being India’s leading hospital management software, boasts all these services and many more. Let’s illustrate more about SoftClinic GenX in our next segment.

Why SoftClinic GenX

Debuted as a Cath Lab software back in 2002, SoftClinic has walked a long path to become an end-to-end medical IT service provider. Within this timeframe, we’ve served more than 25,000 physicians. SoftClinic GenX, as the name suggests, is the next gen of softClinic’s offerings. 

SoftClinic GenX has a wide range of software products on offer. Within the different modules, you’ll get anything and everything that you might need for the paperless practices in your clinic. And when it comes to industry-leading facilities, we have quite a list to show for it. 

Key Features

  • Send prescriptions directly via WhatsApp
  • Pay only when use.
  • AI Powered telemedicine tablet app
  • HIPAA compliant & safe cloud backup of data
  • Access through mobile app for doctors & patients
  • One-click online appointment procedure
  • SMS notification alert
  • Easy access patient portal 


E prescription software is here to stay. There will be a day when hospitals and clinics will stop ordering fresh cartoons of paper. As we shift our focus to sustainability, an all-digital healthcare ecosystem is the future of clinic practices. 

If you want to stay ahead of time, you should make the inevitable change today and go digital. SoftClinic GenX is India’s 1st AI powered e prescription solution. Contact us now and experience the latest and greatest healthcare software on offer.   

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